Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where did she go?

I wonder....
What really happened to me?
Where is the sensitive girl in me?
Did she die?
Why don't it hurt any more?
Why my eyes don't shed any more tears?
How did my heart turned
so hard as a diamond?

Why I don't love him anymore?
If there is no love, why there is no hate?
Oh God! What am I turned to be?
Am I stuck up due to over depression?
Am I going mad?
Should I go for a treatment?
Oh God... Are you making me
more strong emotionally? But this way...
Is it good?
To be careless? This strong attitude?
In fact a new bitchy attitude!
The old me. Religious, loving, caring,
girly, emotional, shy...
I loved it... I really loved to be that way
But now my mind have gone so hard
that it never lemme go in that way...
I am not scared as long as I am not
in the wrong track! And so I am ready
to lead in
this way. The new way with
a new face and
new attitude!

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