Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I desire a peaceful depart....

Oh my dear, What really happened
Between you and me?
What happened
to my love for you?
Why don't I feel the way I felt
for you before?

Was it lust?
or infatuation?
I know well it wasn't
of such kind from my part...
In fact it was pure & true.
Do you remember the way

you lied in the beginning?

And did you ever know the pain
I went through the day
I came to know that?
I must have made this decision that very day.
But you said that you love me sincerely then
and you cannot live with me.
Again and again lies!
However it's not so late for this decision!
Throughout this life I have heard
true love never dies...

But then why do I
not feel
the same as before?
So was it a fake? Or is it cause My heart
found out that it was
getting a fake love back?
I do not hate you.
I can't live with you anymore Cause,
like a rose I can't forgive
when crushed...
I am just merely a human being!
After all a girl!
I would like to stick on to this hard decision,
I feel it's better for u too...
Oh my dear, Lover can be possessive
But should never have ego
Should never insult.
It hurts the mind, It breaks the heart!
Once more my dear, lemme say
I don't hate you, but I don't Love you
the way I did before.
So I feel there is no meaning in staying...
It's better to forget everything!
I know it's not easy...
But we have no options. So let us say good bye
and wishing each other a good future.
Let this be a peaceful departing.
And one more thing my dear....
Thanks a lot for turning me to a girl
with stone heart, in fact a diamond heart!
The hardest heart ever. Thanks a lot.

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